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The Role of Music in Connecting Participants at Louisiana Girls State

Louisiana Girls State is a prestigious program that brings together young women from across the state to learn about the democratic process, develop leadership skills, and foster civic engagement. Amidst the structured activities and workshops, music emerges as a powerful force that transcends differences, builds bridges, and creates lasting connections. In this article, we explore the remarkable role of music in connecting participants at Louisiana Girls State, highlighting its ability to foster unity, inspire collaboration, and forge lifelong friendships.

Melodies of Unity

Music is a universal language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, evoking emotions, and bringing people together. It possesses a unique power to forge connections and foster meaningful relationships among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

At Girls State, music acts as a common thread, intertwining the experiences of individuals. Regardless of background, interests, or political affiliations, the universal language of music brings participants together. Whether they gather in an informal setting to sing favorite songs or engage in organized performances, the melodies and harmonies resonate within their hearts, unifying their voices and creating a sense of belonging. Through music, young women discover shared passions, build camaraderie, and form connections that extend beyond the program's duration.

The most popular or replayed songs at Girls State in no particular are:

  • Bunny Hop - Da Entourage

  • Swag Surfin’ - F. L. Y.

  • Wipe Me Down - Boosie Badazz

  • Driver’s Licence - Olivia Rodrigo

  • Booty Wurk (one cheek at a time) - T-Pain ft. Joey Galaxy

  • Cupid Shuffle - Cupid

  • Any songs from the Musical Hamilton

  • Anything Taylor Swift

Many of these songs are line dances. If you don’t know them, you’ll learn them before the week is over. The rhythm just makes you want to move. There are, honestly, very few songs that the citizens do not like.

Inspiring Collaboration

W w www. Wwww we. We w. W w. W. AMusic at Louisiana Girls State encourages collaboration and teamwork, by singing and dancing together. Collaboration is even found in the teaching the songs to other citizens. I found myself learning many dances to songs I didn’t know had line dancing. Collaborative musical endeavors require individuals to listen attentively, communicate effectively, and synchronize their efforts. During the many line dances, the girls develop a deep appreciation for teamwork and build relationships based on trust and creative expression.

Cultural Celebration

Louisiana Girls State celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the state, and music becomes a powerful tool for cultural exchange and celebration. Participants bring with them diverse musical traditions, genres, and influences, creating a vibrant tapestry of sounds and rhythms. Whether through Cajun, zydeco, pop, or RnB, the diverse musical expressions become a gateway for participants to share their cultural backgrounds and learn from one another. These musical exchanges deepen understanding, foster cultural appreciation, and cultivate an environment of inclusivity and respect.

Emotional Resonance

Music possesses the incredible ability to evoke emotions and touch the depths of the human experience. At Louisiana Girls State, music serves as a medium for emotional expression, allowing participants to connect on a deeper level. Whether it's through swaying to songs or screaming them from the top of your lungs. The shared emotional experiences create an environment of empathy, understanding, and support, strengthening the bonds between individuals and fostering lifelong connections.

Lasting Memories

The memories formed through musical experiences at Louisiana Girls State endure long after the program concludes. The shared performances, sing-alongs, and musical collaborations create lasting impressions and become cherished memories for participants. These memories serve as reminders of the connections forged, the friendships made, and the transformative power of music. As participants move forward in their lives, these shared musical experiences act as touchstones, reminding them of the unity, empowerment, and sense of community they experienced during their time at Louisiana Girls State.


Music at Louisiana Girls State goes beyond mere entertainment. It serves as a unifying force, bringing together young women from diverse backgrounds, inspiring collaboration, celebrating culture, and forging deep connections. Through melodies, harmonies, and the power of emotional resonance, music creates an environment where participants can truly connect, listen to one another, and build lasting friendships. As Louisiana Girls State continues to empower and shape future leaders, music remains an ever-present catalyst, nurturing unity, understanding, and a sense of togetherness that extends far beyond the walls of the the conference.

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