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For the Counselors

Our Counselors are the heart of our program. After being selected through a competitive application process, they work tirelessly, not only the week of the program, but all year long to create and provide the most memorable experience for all Delegates.


City Counselors


City Counselors work closely with Delegates to teach them the basics of Louisiana Girls State. Also known as CCs, they run City Elections and assist with various Academics. 

Parish Counselors


Parish Counselors oversee the two Cities that make up their Parish. The PCs facilitate all Parish Elections and work with Delegates on Parish songs and State Elections. 

Program Associates


Program Associates help with the logistics of the program. Often seen running from one building to the next, the PAs are responsible for setting up all of the program activities and events. 

Senior Counselors


Senior Counselors supervise Academics and provide support to all Parishes throughout the week. The SCs lead daily logistics of all Counselors and Citizens. 

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