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My Reflection on Louisiana Girls State

According to the Girls State handbook, the role of the Parish Communications Officer is to create and edit online content for the Poppy Press to be distributed to the citizens through social media. While my time in Poppy Press has enhanced my communication skills, the broad variety of topics to write about- as well as the freedom we’re given to pursue any topic at Girls State- has allowed my creativity to thrive without constraint, and has, above all, made my time here enriching and unforgettable. For example, before working in Poppy Press, my knowledge of other academics and their duties were limited roughly to the descriptions provided in the handbook- fortunately, reporting on the activities on Academics falls under our responsibilities in Poppy Press, thus having allowed me to observe and inform the rest of the Girls State citizens of different activities.

My experience at Girls State is not limited to Poppy Press, however. As a whole, this program has given me the opportunity to meet new people from many different places, some of which I have never heard of, as well as pushed me- someone who tends to keep to myself- to communicate and intermingle with others. Moreover, the structure of Girls State has provided myself, along with many others, the window to become familiarized with the political system and voting process, which is important for all Americans to do to maintain a healthy democracy.

That being said, Girls State is, by no means, all business. My “hometown” of Catahoula, Bogafalaya Parish is comprised of girls with a spectrum of colorful personalities. We work alongside one another, not only in the election process, but also in competing in athleisure activities, creating our city song, and rehearsing our talent show performance to perfection. I have formed bonds with girls that I don’t think will ever break, even beyond Girls State. Likewise, the very, very wide expanse of bizarre cheers, songs, and dances will forever remain in my memory. As a whole, Girls State has been a very informative and exciting experience. Come Saturday evening, I will leave for home with new connections, knowledge, and the confidence that I will have met women who I am positive will become the future leaders of America.

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