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An Insight into the 2022 Governor Candidates

Tyhlar Holliway

Tyhlar Holliway (left) is the Federalist Party candidate for Governor. She is from Shreveport, Louisiana and attends Captain Shreve High School. Holliway already has plans for a future in law; therefore, her interest in government comes naturally. Her passion started in middle school as an interest in mock trials and debate teams. As Holliway moved into high school, her interest in law grew. Because of her passion for it, she became more serious in the subject and began shadowing lawyers.

When walking into Girls State on the first day, Holliway knew she wanted to run for District Judge. After her speech, Holliway received many positive and encouraging responses from her parish, Sabine. She describes powerful and overwhelming support⸺someone even saying,”You have to run for governor!” Throughout the next few days, Holliway began the campaign and speech process⸺spending two to three hours at night writing speeches.

All in all, Holliway believes she is set apart as a candidate because of her ability to be bold in speaking her mind. She strives to accomplish every goal she has and is confident in her speaking skills.

Aryana Gaeta

Aryana Gaeta (right) is the Nationalist Party candidate for Governor. She attends Bossier High School in Bossier, Louisiana. Even though Gaeta admits to having little experience in government knowledge, she views Girls State as a “new adventure.” The abundance of talent from the other girls at Girls State has pushed Gaeta to become better, in a positive way.

The girls of Bogafalaya Parish are true examples of this. Gaeta came into this week with only the thought of running for Mayor for her city, Concordia. She reveals that her city encouraged her to run for governor and told her,”just go for it.”

The election process became Gaeta’s favorite part of running for Governor. She loves the rush of adrenaline from the nerves of giving speeches in front of her party of about 80 girls. Amidst the crowd of girls, Gaeta describes herself as approachable and believes this to be why she is the best candidate for Governor.

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