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Artist Spotlight

In a life full of confounds and unpredictable variables, “art,” for me, has been the one thing that has remained constant. It never really entered my life at any one point. Growing up, it was just something that I enjoyed doing and did whenever I could find the time. I grew to love it so much that I really didn’t care what I was drawing, just that I was.

As I got older and more serious about art, I naturally began to favor certain mediums and styles. I prefer portraitry over anything else and, for the most part, only work in graphite, charcoal and watercolor. Style-wise, I tend to be inclined towards more technical approaches to art, but I enjoy subjective aspects in color and shape.

Izumi Kogahara, with her unconventional perspective on life, is one of, if not my favorite, portraitists. Kogahara’s methods are interpretive in color and form, which parallels her nonconformist nature as an individual. Another artist whose work I enjoy is Norman Rockwell, who is much more well-known than Kogahara. Norman Rockwell’s style is more objective, which allows him to perfectly capture the reality of American culture. Throughout his life, Rockwell also brought attention to American social issues of the time through his work, highlighting topics such as the civil rights, desegregation, and racial tension.

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