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Counselor of the Day

When first logging on to Whova, there was a wave of anticipation. No girl knew what to expect, as a virtual Girls State has never been done before. Every citizen clicks on the first Zoom session, nervous about giving her speech and what is to come for this first day. After entering the meeting, smiling faces welcome each and every citizen. Who are these bubbly women that are dancing to songs and asking silly ice-breaker questions? These are the counselors! Each of them giving their greatest effort to create an educational mock-government while being lively and amusing.

At the end of the first day, June 21, one special counselor was chosen as Counselor of the Day: Kenzie Seastrunk! Kenzie is the parish counselor for Bogafalaya Parish with the biggest and brightest personality. She lives in Alexandria, Louisiana and is an incoming senior at Northwestern State University. Gracie Willis interviewed the outstanding Kenzie Seastrunk to see what makes a Counselor of the Day.

What was your reaction to being named Counselor of the Day? “I was shocked and happy!” Kenzie exclaimed. Her happiness was obvious with her giant smile lighting up her face.

What made you decide to be a counselor for Girls State? Kenzie wanted to provide the greatest experience she could to all the girls coming as citizens. She wanted to inspire each citizen to dream the biggest dream through being an ideal role model. “Not everyone has someone to encourage them, and if I could do that for just one citizen then I feel like I accomplished what being a counselor at Girls State is about!”

What was your experience as being a citizen and how does that compare to being a counselor? “LAGS is the type of program that you get out what you put in. I was a shy person by nature and it took me a while to open up,” Kenzie said. Throughout the week, she opened even more, “I had so much fun doing the cheers and being in an open accepting environment! By the middle of the week, I had made more friends than I thought I would.” Kenzie’s experience as a counselor was very different from her citizen year. “I was in charge of making sure the citizens had a good experience, learned cheers, and did things they didn’t think they could do! LAGS as a citizen and then a counselor has taught me a lot of things. It’s a place where we can grow and learn about ourselves and each other, which I think is wonderful!”

Kenzie Seastrunk was the obvious choice for Counselor of the Day, proven by her large heart and passion for the citizens of Girls State. She wants each girl that comes through to learn new things about herself and become the person she was meant to be.

All the counselors share the same passion as Kenzie. They all work together to make Girls State an unforgettable week and give citizens a real feel of what government is like. The whole program works to inspire girls to take hold of governmental positions and make change happen.

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