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Get Rowdy for Party Day

Party day to many is the best dress up day at LAGS. This is the day where everyone gets hype and shows spirit for their party. Seeing everyone go all out to show their support for their parties. There was a big competition between Nationalists wearing green, and Federalists wearing purple. Party Rally was a great success with both Federalist and Nationalist SPC’s announced. Emma from Amite was chosen to represent the Nats, and Macy from Amite was chosen to represent the Feds. Everyone was taught their party cheers.

After party rally, both parties broke up to hold their primary elections . For each office, six candidates ran from each parish. Everyone brought their A-Game with speeches. There was stiff competition, but eventually two candidates were picked to go onto the convention. In the federalist chamber, two candidates got simple majority and went straight to the general election. Tia Taylor went to the general election for the office of Lieutenant Governor. Tia dazzled everyone with her amazing dialect and wording. Reagan Granger went straight to the general election for the office of Secretary of State. Her wit combined with her seriousness charmed the audience. We are all so proud of everyone who put themselves out there and ran. We cannot wait for the general election on Friday to see who comes out on top. 

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