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The Power of Community: How Louisiana Girls State Inspires Young Women to Reach Their Full Potential

Louisiana is usually known for its delicious Cajun food, fun Mardi Gras activities, and sweet southern accents, but what isn’t talked about enough, is the talent and knowledge that the young citizens of the state possess. At Louisiana Girls State, this program gives many young women of our community several opportunities to branch out, connect, and learn from each other. As the 7 day program progresses, the girls from our 6 parishes have each discussed the highs so far of their experiences during their time at LAGS this week.

They've shared stories of newfound friendships and unforgettable memories, of challenging themselves to step outside their comfort zones and discovering hidden strengths. They've talked about the inspiring speakers and mentors who have guided them, the valuable skills they've acquired, and the confidence they've gained. But most importantly, they've spoken about the sense of community and sisterhood that has developed among them, a bond that overrides their differences and unites them in their pursuit of leadership and excellence. During several interviews with Poppy Press earlier this week, many delegates mentioned how surprising their experiences here at LAGS has been. Many girls did not expect to meet so many different young women, who reciprocated their same ambitions. Many girls did not expect to be as courageous as they have this week, and throughout their time here, they have proved that they can do anything they put their minds to.

In conclusion, the Louisiana Girls State program has once again proven to be a transformative experience for these young women.

As they leave this week behind and return to their communities, they carry with them a newfound sense of purpose, a strengthened sense of self, and a network of supportive sisters who will lift them up every step of the way. To the delegates of LAGS, I offer these final words: hold on to the bonds you've formed, the lessons you've learned, and the courage you've discovered. You are the leaders Louisiana needs, and together, you will achieve greatness.

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