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What an Inspiration

At Louisiana Girls State, there are so many fun dress up days. On day 2, delegates were influenced to dress up as a woman in history. While there are many influential women in the world, somehow many girls state participants ended up dressing as the same woman. Taking note of the amount of people that portrayed these famous women, they must have had a very influential nature about them. Some of these notable women are Rosie the Riveter, Princess Diana, and Taylor Swift. 

I went around Girls State and interviewed some delegates asking them why they selected the woman they did. 

When asked why she chose to dress up as Rosie the Riveter, Adyson Hymel from Amite parish said, “Rosie the Riveter is a big part of the reason that middle class women started getting into the workforce and started putting more females in jobs. Now, I am inspired to go into jobs that women previously weren’t in just like she did whenever she had propaganda in the 1950’s.”

When asked why she chose to dress up as Princess Diana, Emily Higginbotham from Bogafalaya parish said, “So one thing about her is that she was not afraid to break any kind of barrier. Within the royal family and royal standards, everything is very traditional, and one thing that women really had to do throughout history was break the barriers, break the standards, and Princess Diana truly did that with fashion rules, with anything feminism, and truly became a role model for women and everyone today.” 

When asked why she chose to dress up as Taylor Swift, Emma Grace Mcinnis from Pearl parish said, “Taylor Swift is influential to me because she’s just such a queen, and she’s broken so many boundaries, and it really is inspiring. People told her no and she still just continued to do it.”

Throughout many different times in history, women have played a very important role in influencing the upcoming generations. One day, the influential women in history will be the very same girls that I shared this Girls State experience with. Women are the future and we are only just beginning. This program is so empowering and I am proud to say that I've learned and grown alongside the future influential women of america. 

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