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Girls State Advice Column


When I was packing and driving to Girls State I was extremely nervous. I had no idea what to expect, who would be there, or what I was going to do. However, as soon as I arrived I was welcomed by the great PCs, CCs, SCs, and staff. I also realized that everyone else was just as nervous and confused as me. At Girls State everyone is in the same boat, everyone gets split up from their friends, and everyone creates an amazing sisterhood with the new friends they make. Come out of your shell, be friendly, and you will find your people. There are songs, chants, and cheers that will become a part of your everyday life. You’ll have the best experience when you move out of your comfort zone and bond with people who were complete strangers less than a week ago.


On the first day everyone has to run for an office position so that we all have a job for the week. Read the descriptions ahead of time and find a job (and a backup job) that you think looks interesting. This job will determine your academic group. I was very scared to give a speech on the first day of camp in front of a bunch of girls that I didn’t know. My sisters were very supportive and loving. This gave me the confidence to break out of my shell and just go for it. I ended up getting the position that I wanted- Parish Communications Officer. The next day we were able to run in our parish party state offices. At first I didn’t know if I was going to run, but my parish sisters reassured me and encouraged me to run. I ended up running for treasurer and made it to the party caucus. From there the top two candidates move on. Even though I didn’t get the top two, I was very excited for my friends that made it. The best part of the whole experience was growing in my speaking skills and campaigning for my parish candidates. I learned so much about the democratic process in such a fun way that made the government interesting.


“Girls State is what it is, and it ain't what it ain’t” - Dear Abby song, a LAGS tradition. Girls State is something that compares to no other camp. It has a lot of moments that are very serious. No talking, no texting, and no bathroom breaks. Sounds boring, but you can make it amazing. Use these times to learn about the democratic process and encourage your friends. You have to make it fun for it to be fun. The election process ended up being one of my favorite parts of my time here. Just being able to encourage, support, and learn from my friends was so amazing. There are many many moments of laughter and games too. Athleisure night is full of games and it is very easy to make those moments an absolute blast! Throughout this entire week I have had the time of my life being able to bond with girls that want the same things as me, be a part of something way bigger than myself, and learn the democratic process in a fun and interactive way.

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