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State Treasurer

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Girls State is all about mock-government and learning how the government of Louisiana is run. Each citizen is provided the opportunity to run for offices on the city and parish level, while the brave run for state offices afterward. Running for a state office is not easy; it takes hard work, a good helping of bravery, and lots of speeches. Katie Claire Ferrier saw this challenge and took it in stride, deciding to run for State Treasurer. Ferrier is a member of Bogafalaya Parish and currently holds a city office. She is an incoming senior at Captain Shreve High School in Shreveport, Louisiana. Ferrier currently saves people’s lives as a lifeguard at the Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club and has a wide range of achievements. But what is it like for Ferrier as a candidate for State Treasurer? Gracie Willis interviewed her to find out.

What is your reaction to making it this far in the running? “I’m really surprised!” Ferrier said. “I’ve loved all the support from my parish and my counselors, and I’m so happy to be a candidate in the state election!” Were you planning on running for a state position when you started Girls State? “No, I actually wasn’t. It was kinda a last minute decision!” Ferrier goes on, “My aunt went to Girls State and told me to run for a position I was interested in, so I just went for it!” For a last minute decision, she has certainly made it farther than ever anticipated.

What made you choose to run for State Treasurer? Ferrier began, “Well, my family owns a small local business, and I had seen what the treasury department has been trying to do during COVID-19 to support local businesses.” She continues, “I felt that they did a good job, but there were parts about the relief plans that were flawed, and I felt that because of my first-hand experience, this job was best for me.”

How are you preparing for the next election, and how does this compare to previous ones? Ferrier said, “I’m just doing some research and preparing my speech!” She has done the same for past elections, and is now refining and adding details to her next speech. As seen through Katie Claire Ferrier, running for a state office is a great opportunity to show others of what each girl is made. Girls State has been an empowering experience for each and every citizen and counselor participating. Girls from all over the state of Louisiana now have the knowledge of and exposure to government, and one day may actually run to be part of the state’s governmental system. Louisiana Girls State is truly the best in all the land!

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