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What Happens in City Courts?

What really goes down in Louisiana Girls State’s district and city court sessions? Well, let’s start with the basics. The city court is made of the City Judge, the City Attorney and the City Public Defender. Also in the courtroom is the Sheriff and Coroner of every parish. The district court is made up of the District Judge, the District Attorney, and the Parish Public Defender. The main task throughout the week is for every city to make up a mock case relating to LAGS and perform a mock trial. However, these mock trials are less strict, and tend to be more about learning how our government works and less about the technicalities. Currently, the attorneys and public defenders, no matter the city, are helping each other create lines of questioning. The Coroner is the witness for the defense and the Sheriff is the witness for the prosecution, but both can be cross-examined during their mock trial. Judges play an important role in any court; however, because the prosecution and defense don’t want the judges to know the information ahead of time, they are working on other issues. The Supreme Court Justices were given problems in Louisiana and told to plan on how to fix them. For example, on Wednesday they created a budget for a Louisiana prison. City and district courts are a very interesting place, just be hopeful you never get there for breaking the ordinances or the law.

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