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Whova Takes Us to the Polls

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

With Louisiana Girls State being virtual this year, there have been limitations on getting to know our fellow citizens. Thanks to the social group messages on Whova, the platform that is being used by all of LAGS, citizens are now able to get to know one another. They do this by asking each other simple questions, creating threads, and participating in polls, which produces a variety of responses.

The polls can vary from “either or” to more personal questions.

Citizen Helena “Laney'' Gleason said that her favorite poll was'' Is a hotdog a sandwich?” She felt that it was not.

Citizen Olivia Stringam’s favorite poll was debating “pancakes or waffles?” where she answered “pancakes'' because “Pancakes are better.”

Citizen Sara Oberle’s favorite question was “How do you want to be remembered?” She answered that she wanted to be remembered as, “[A] kind, strong, and genuine person who was committed to others but also to herself.”

These polls have proven to be a creative way for citizens to get to know one another and keep the tradition of making lifelong friends at LAGS alive.

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